Private Pilot Training Package

The Private Pilot's License


Learning to fly is quicker and easier than you may think and comes with many benefits. If you have no prior training, or a few hours from the distant past, we can get your your Private Pilot’s Certificate (license) in as little as a few weeks or however long you need to take.

The minimum flying time required to be eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate is 40 hours. There are additional requirements that comprise the 40 hour total.

Save money while getting your pilot's license

$8,808.00 (divided into 3 equal monthly payments of $2,936.00) for 43 hours of flying that includes:

  • 48 hours of flight instruction
  • All books and materials needed to prepare for the FAA Private Pilot written exam
  • Headset
  • 6 months of Flight Training magazine

Hours required beyond those listed are at higher rates. More information can be found here.

(*Price excludes medical, written and practical exam)

This plan provides a simple way to plan on a program to earn your pilot’s license. Payments are divided into 3 equal monthly payments of $2,936.00. Any flight times or instructor times beyond the program limits listed above will be charged to the student at current rates. Any charges for times beyond these limits need to be paid prior to the student’s check ride with the FAA Designated Examiner. Click the button below for the package brochure.